The influences behind a record about bisexuality, love, and fear

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This is a still image of me from a music video I made. We actually recorded the songs in Nate’s basement (see next photo).

I began working on the verses that later evolved into songs on the Park Hills EP a few years ago.

Using beats that inspired me by the talented Jurrivh, I just wandered around my neighborhood and wrote the stories in my head. There was nothing complicated or particularly difficult about it — it just took time and focus.

Eventually, I made a rough demo of a song using a cheap microphone and Garageband and sent it to my longtime friend (and highly-skilled and versatile professional musician) Nate K. to see what he thought. …

Reflections on the apparent rareness of male bisexuality

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Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

Of the hundreds of men I have known reasonably well — friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc — I can hardly think of any who openly identify as bisexual.

We’ve been told for years that sexuality exists on a spectrum. That there is a sliding scale running from 100% gay to 100% straight (see: Kinsey scale), with many possibilities and variations in between. The non-binary nature of sexuality is regarded by many as self-evident at this point.

But if sexuality is fluid, why do bisexual men seem so scarce? What is going on?

The Data

There have been many surveys and studies done to…

Patrick Osborne

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