Notes on fear, nostalgia, and unrequited love

Growing up bisexual in the midwest suburbs was not oppressive for me. I have a loving family and friends who (amazingly) accept me unconditionally. The relationships I’ve had with girls were based on real attraction and I don’t regret them. Yes, I was keeping a secret from everyone until I came out my senior year of college, but it wasn’t a regular point of pain for me. Just a part of myself I wasn’t ready to reveal to others as a teenager, which I’m sure is a near-universal experience.

So I’m lucky enough that bisexuality has meant something other than…

Game of Thrones tapped into a storytelling tradition that dates back thousands of years

Season 4 of HBO’s smash hit Games of Thrones was arguably the height of its 8-season run, and that’s at least part due to the arrival of the suave, charismatic Prince Oberyn Martell in King’s Landing. Unfortunately, Oberyn only lasted that single season (his shocking demise was ranked the “Most Epic Death” in a 2019 poll), but his roguish nature and unrivaled skill in combat left millions of viewers pining for him long after he was gone.

One of the few truly principled characters in all of the GOT series, Oberyn is clearly a man who lives by his own…

Reflections on the apparent rareness of male bisexuality

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

Of the hundreds of men I have known reasonably well — friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc — I can hardly think of any who openly identify as bisexual.

We’ve been told for years that sexuality exists on a spectrum. That there is a sliding scale running from 100% gay to 100% straight (see: Kinsey scale), with many possibilities and variations in between. The non-binary nature of sexuality is regarded by many as self-evident at this point.

But if sexuality is fluid, why do bisexual men seem so scarce? What is going on?

The Data

There have been many surveys and studies done to…

Patrick Osborne

Writing about bisexuality

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